Clean technologies in natural stones
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Clean technologies in natural stones

Which clean technologies in natural stone are likely to take center stage this year? Stay with us and find out!

Beautiful, unique and responsible for the beauty of a multitude of environments, natural stone tends to be supported by many other elements.
That's what you're going to discover here, in this complete article on clean technologies in natural stone for 2024.
Spoiler: you can already tell that the connection with environmental preservation must be one of the main points of the text, can't you? Follow here to find out all about it. Happy reading!

The importance of sustainability in natural stone production
Just as important as the aesthetic aspects of a project is the choice of functional and sustainable materials, capable not only of making a particular area more beautiful, but also of contributing to the planet we live on. After all, our greatest home needs the commitment of all of us.

Natural stone is one of the items that exemplifies the importance of sustainability like few others. Based on highly technological cutting processes, which provide differentials such as great durability, these items reduce the disposal of other materials in nature, for example. 

Clean technologies in natural stone in 2024
Here's a look at some of the clean technologies in natural stone that will be on the rise:

1. New extraction techniques with less environmental impact
Procedures related to the extraction of natural stone have also been constantly modified, since there is a growing application of methods that have less impact on the ecosystem, with a view to preserving natural resources.

2. Eco-efficient practices in the production stages
Measures that use water and other natural waste assertively, avoiding waste and ensuring the correct disposal of certain items, will be even more prominent in 2024.

3. Reuse of waste and by-products
Efficient logistics, which aim to reduce the amount of discarded materials by reusing various items, is another point that will certainly play a leading role in the stone industry throughout the year.

4. Building automation combined with savings
Such as presence sensors for activating light bulbs; automatic fire sensors for security; access control applications and equipment activation, with a focus on minimizing waste.

In short...
- When we talk about clean technologies in natural stone, the connection between these solutions and the environment will certainly be one of the main characters of 2024;
- Paying attention to sustainability is fundamental to guaranteeing the preservation of the environment and differentiating yourself from the competition, for example;
- Applied together, these practices ensure the delivery of truly differentiated products to consumers, who value intelligent operations. 

Natural stone: an easy choice by nature
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Decolores: A new look at natural stones

Specialized in the quartzite production, a noble natural stone that is highly resistant to abrasion, the brand has become a forerunner of new trends for the national and international architecture market. In just over 20 years, Decolores  has built itself up as a business that has innovation, technology, care and contemporaneity as intrinsic parts of its DNA, and is responsible for bringing a new, more poetic and plural look to the power of natural stone in architecture and interior design. Specialized in the production and sale of such elements, the company has made a name for itself in the trade by being a benchmark for the processing of quartzite, a more resistant type of stone that has ended up promoting innovation in the sector thanks to its great diversity of colors and designs. Because of its cutting-edge processes, the brand is considered a pioneer in the production of quartzite both in Brazil and worldwide. Having a modern industrial park that has diamond wire saws, an automated resin line, polishing machines and a handling system using block-carriers, which provides a higher level of safety and efficiency in handling, Decolores offers the market a product that, in addition to aesthetics, has standardized and controlled production processes, making finishing and reliability the predominant characteristics. The company has an in-house Research and Development (R&D) department, which carries out in depth studies of stones prior to the production process, preparing mineral analyses and determining the best way to handle them in a preventive manner. Their main activities include creating and keeping up to date standard process manuals for each material, monitoring their implementation and investigating the interactions between the raw material and the chemical inputs used. The company’s search to expand its product portfolio is also constant, always seeking to meet growing demand in a transparent manner, preserving good relationships with clients and partners, as well as incorporating the premises of sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance as pillars of the business. Currently, the company also has an industrial park located in a 74 thousand sqm area in the city  of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in Espírito Santo, as well as a branch in Serra, also in the state of Espírito Santo, which has allowed the state to become the largest natural stone processing center in Brazil. All this movement is a commitment taken on by Decolores to continue to be engaged and walking vigorously the great journey towards becoming a natural and organic choice for elegant, timeless and full of identity stones. Decolores @decoloresoficial PRESS CONTACT Denise Delalamo Comunicação Customer Service: Ana Sant’Anna Contact: (11) 98536-7627 E-mail: [email protected] Customer Service: Gabriela Bardusco E-mail: [email protected]   

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Natural Stones: Environmental Commitment in the Industry

Synonymous with sustainability, natural stones make all the difference in contemporary projects. Stay informed about the subject here! As fundamental as creating projects that genuinely improve people's daily lives is being attentive to issues related to environmental preservation. In this regard, the responsible extraction of natural rocks by the industry plays a crucial role in delivering unique work that contributes to sustainability. Throughout this content, you will learn about the unique features and contributions of using natural stones, and why this cladding is a favorite in the market when it comes to reducing environmental impacts. Enjoy your reading! Building Materials vs. Environmental Impact Faced with the effects of global warming and climate change as a whole, the importance of using sustainable materials in construction processes has been increasingly discussed. After all, materials commonly found in the market undergo complex manufacturing processes. The production chain consumes a significant amount of resources and emits large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Points like these emphasize the importance of using low-impact components by companies, and natural stones are strong candidates on that list! The Life Cycle of Natural Stones Opting for natural stones is an excellent choice to contribute to a more sustainable world. Science supports this assertion! A study by the German Natural Stone Association* compared the ecological performance of different cladding materials. The observation concluded that these materials are much more environmentally friendly than others. *Source: The survey also found that energy consumption costs for processing these stones amount to only 3.3% of the production value. This index is the lowest among all the materials compared. In the category of Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact, the production and use of natural pavements also stand out. The value found for these purposes is 27% lower than aggregates; when compared to ceramics, the percentage reaches 74%. Natural Stones and the Environment: A Commitment That Transcends Generations! You've surely noticed that natural stones go far beyond essential elements for creating beautiful and unique environments. Using them ensures a reduction in impacts on the planet since rocks are naturally sustainable and contain natural elements in their composition, such as cooled magma in the case of granites and sets of sandy sediments, as exemplified by quartzites. Furthermore, the extraction and production of these materials involve the reclamation of mined areas, water treatment, and waste reduction. It's important to note that there is no carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere during production, as they do not undergo a burning process. In summary... Choosing natural stones for your projects is synonymous with sustainability and originality! Not only will you be avoiding the use and propagation of elements that harm the environment, but you will also be using beautiful materials with high strength and durability. Explore Our Products At Decolores, you can discover the most incredible and modern natural stones. Want to explore the available products? Click here.  

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Sustainable Benefits of Natural Stones in Civil Construction

Understand how natural stones are excellent sustainable cladding options for civil construction. Read here! Sustainability is already a constant topic across all sectors of society. When it comes to civil construction, it's no different. After all, this sector has the potential to contribute significantly to a more ecological future by minimizing environmental impacts and promoting sustainable social and urban development. In this context, civil construction can rely on specific materials to reduce environmental harm. This article focuses on natural stones, the star of today's discussion. Follow along and learn about the benefits they can bring to the environment when used in commercial or residential projects. Sustainability in Civil Construction Concern for the environment in civil construction became more evident with the emergence of sustainable architecture in the 1990s. At that time, the main goal was to significantly reduce the alterations to the natural environment caused by construction. Fortunately, this practice has become increasingly widespread and utilized. Today, there are various resources that can be employed to minimize the environmental impact. By investing in sustainable solutions, professionals in the field of civil construction, such as architects, engineers, and construction supervisors, for example, not only help preserve the surroundings but also contribute to people's quality of life. How can natural stones be a sustainable option for civil construction? The use of this material is not something new, but today, it has become a trend among civil engineering and architecture professionals, as it offers numerous advantages. When we talk about sustainability, rocks can optimize the use of natural resources since they possess various characteristics favorable to the environment. Furthermore, this sector is subject to extremely rigorous scrutiny by national environmental and mining control authorities. Next, let's explore the benefits of natural stones that make them an excellent sustainable alternative: High Quality Old villages in Western Europe, Machu Picchu, Greek and Roman constructions, pavements, and walls in many cities... There are numerous examples composed of rocks that remain well-preserved to this day. This demonstrates the high quality of this raw material, offering extreme durability. Ease of Cleaning Produced sustainably, natural stones are treated with specific products designed to protect the natural pores of the raw material and optimize its quality. This ensures even greater durability for the piece and makes maintenance more practical, using neutral and non-polluting products. Another notable aspect is the reuse of waste from natural rocks in the production of red ceramics, soda-lime glasses, or mortars. Even when removed from one location, rocks can be repurposed in other constructions. In fact, many engineering and architecture professionals turn to recycled materials to create distinctive and unique projects, aiming to reduce construction costs and minimize environmental impacts. Green Building Natural stones, as the name implies, are sourced from the natural environment, aligning with the concept of green building. The strategy aims to incorporate sustainable elements that reintroduce nature to urban areas, offering greater well-being and quality of life to people and reducing environmental impact. Thermal Comfort Another advantage is that natural stones provide thermal comfort to environments. In indoor spaces, they help keep the area cooler on hot days, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning systems. They are also great for outdoor areas as they do not retain much heat and moisture. Invest in natural rocks and help preserve the environment As you can see, natural stones offer various benefits that not only contribute to environmental preservation but also bring advantages to people. Start investing in this material and create sustainable constructions with excellent added value.