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Decolores: connecting man to nature for more than 20 years

Inspired by the strength of nature, Decolores emerges with a new poetic and versatile look at the beauty of natural stones, revealing in every detail their power in architectural and interior design projects.

Specialized in the processing and trading of quartzite, the company is constantly investing in technology, offering the best in everything it does and produces, providing customers, who recognize and value the natural choice as an essential link to their projects and achievements, with a unique identity.

than 20

years in the business


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In each stone, an eternal work of art. A world of transformation where nature poetry finds beauty in its purest form.

Specialized in quartzite, our modern industrial park has diamond multiwire saws, automated resin lines and 20-head polishing machines. All slab handling is done by robots and transport carts, avoiding lifting the load and material damage, ensuring greater quality and safety in the operation. The high standard in processes and the care in everything it does, makes Decolores a benchmark for the quartzite production in Brazil and worldwide.A world of transformation where nature poetry finds beauty in its purest form.


Provide natural stones with quality and excellence in service.


To be a world reference in quality in natural stones, generating more profitable results for all involved.


Committed to generate well-being and prosperity.


Innovation; Commitment; Communication; Positivity; Ethics.

R&D - Research and Development

Unlocking nature’s secret is the way to go

The meticulous study of stones and their properties is a passion that drives the company to discover the secrets of nature, understanding its composition and features as a source of wisdom. Each discovery made in the Research and Development (R&D) area enriches the company's repertoire, standardizes production processes and allows it to share valuable information with customers and employees.

The synergy between science and design shapes an inspiring trajectory, where each stone becomes a masterpiece, enchanting and raising the Decolores standards.


Management aligned with a more sustainable future

Decolores fulfills its commitment to generating wellbeing and prosperity for the people, the planet and business through an ESG journey, which consists in a series of initiatives driven by its Sustainable Policy and carried out transversally throughout the organization.

In order to improve the present and transform the future, we invest in effective actions for the environment, society and the business. 

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